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Dont Get Stuck!

A Dewsweeper writes in that they have been told they get stuck during their down swing and that causes inconsistencies. He would like to know if we can we offer any help.

Usually a player gets stuck when on or during their backswing the right elbow(righthanded player) gets too far behind them. By this we mean from the down line view the elbow would be back behind the back of the playerback not over right hip and in front of pivot as I would prefer.

I like to have students see the distance the elbows are apart at address and maintain that distance through whole swing. This is a great visual that really seems to stick with students. If they can keep the elbost the same distance apart back and through they usually keep everything in front of them and improve their ball striking.

Here is an additional practice technique we use. Take a nerf ball or small soccer ball and put between elbows and hit slow shots this will help keep arms in front of you and eliminate becoming stuck!

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