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Boyd Summerhays Talks on Dedication and Balance

Boyd Summerhays is one of the teachers and people I admire most and it was a tremendous pleasure to speak with him on The Tour Coach Podcast recently.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to spend time and get to know Boyd as a teacher and a father over the last couple years. I first heard of Boyd because he coaches Tony Finau and as I watched Tony rocket to the top of world rankings and knew Boyd knew something. I watched his son, Preston, hit it to about 5 feet into the wind on 17 at Pebble during the US Am. I’ve watched Preston become one of, if not the best, Junior in World, watched Boyd’s daughter, Grace, become one of the best female players in the world and his youngest son, Cam, is bursting onto the scene, as well. 

Boyd’s Rolodex of tour players is impressive and growing. His story of why he didn’t make it on the PGA Tour and what he learned from that is incredibly insightful and interesting.  What I wanted to talk about was how he does all that and teaches, coaches and fathers his children that are some of the world’s best.  I struggle with balance in life myself.  I wanted to hear and learn from him.  Take a listen! If you love golf you will learn something.  Boyd is one of the good guys in golf.

Boyd Summerhays: Talks on Dedication and Balance

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