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Accelerate through the ball??

We had a dew write in about being told to not decelerating….should they accelerate through the ball.
We certainly don’t want decel however we need to be careful when thinking of accelerating through through the ball.
Normally I find that when the club is decelerating it is a result of pivot stall.
We don’t want to try and make the club go faster however to fix this. When most golfers do this the result is that they accelerate the club with their hands and begin to move the club with their hands and arms rather than their body.

If you struggle with decelerating the club when you are pitching or chipping the ball think of this concept and see if you don’t overcome your decel problem.

Try and make the club go back and through at the same or constant speed. This will help you learn to no decel and to learn to finish your pivot and improve your contact.

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