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The Tour Coach Podcast: 3 Things That Made Kevin Kirk a Better Coach

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I have said before that one of the reasons I do the Tour Coach Podcast with Cordie Walker is to share some of the conversations and insights from the really, really smart and cool people I meet with my 20 plus weeks on the road each year.  This week’s conversation is golden. I sit down with Kevin Kirk. Kevin is one of the greats in the game and his stable of players from Patrick Reed, Jhonatthan Vegas, Graeme McDowell and others is impressive.  What’s more impressive is how genuine and thought provoking talking with Kevin is. I really enjoy the chances I have had throughout the year to walk and chat with Kevin on the course. In fact, one of the cooler things we did was Kevin sat in with me on a session with Robby Shelton during the RSM Week. I love exposing all my players to the BEST!  Enjoy this chat with Kevin Kirk and a cameo appearance by COOP, Lucas Glover’s caddy!

Kevin Kirk: The 3 Things that Made Me a Better Teacher!

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