Exciting news from Dewsweepers Golf!

Dewsweepers has partnered with Athletic Motion Golf, one of the web and social media’s leaders for making the science of the golf swing applicable to the pros and Average Joes!

All of the great information you hear and see in the dome and on the Dewsweepers Show is now available on the Dewsweeper channel on the Athletic Motion Golf site!

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Real golf instruction, practice information and golf fitness that is used every day in the dome, on the tee and on the PGA tour is available now.

There will be new Dewsweeper content coming out every month along with access to all the Athletic Nation Golf instruction and content.

The Dewsweeper Channel includes instructional videos on

  • All parts of the swing from set up to forward swing
  • How to hit different shaped shots
  • Practice and preparation
  • Golf Fitness with Morgan Hale

The Dewsweeper Channel will continue to provide new content and videos every month!

Not to mention you get access to all of the outstanding videos and content from Athletic Motion Golf that explains the difference between the Pros and the Average Joes.

Learning and Improving when you can’t come see us in the Dome has never been so easy and fun!


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